1-2 Teaching Hangeul : 7-8 grade in ST.Hilary Elementary School (Bookmark)


1-1 Teaching Hangeul : 7-8 grade in ST.Hilary Elementary School


Overseas School Observation Report

Overseas School Observation Report Please write about these various aspects of your school observation experience. Descriptions can include similarities and differences between Canada and Korea, general observations, or anything else that caught your attention. Students - Student life, behavior and attitudes, interaction with teacher and classmates ( split class ) Students show their respect to teachers. They call teacher by family name with Mrs, Miss, Mr. Students with bad behavior exist in Canada.  After several disciplines by homeroom teacher, they are finally sent to principal. Students usually seem serious in class. Sometimes they giggle but be in hurry to class. Teachers - Teaching style [speaking patterns, presence, mannerisms, energy level], teacher culture, fashion/decorum, job identity Teachers always wrap up all classes with students thinking by themselves.   Teachers give lectures individually according to the level and the year of stud

TTP start off

Finally, TTP started off. I am nervous but excited. All the teachers are  foreigners and professors. And the classmate teachers look friendly. I want to extract my hidden potential out of inner self. www.learningcall.com